Friday, February 24, 2012


Track 1 - Captain Future
Track 2 - Vor Dem Start
Track 3 - Joan
Track 4 - Feinde Greifen An
Track 5 - Ken
Track 6 - Gefahr
Track 7 - Der Einsame König
Track 8 - Hurra, Wir Fliegen
Track 9 - Neue Erfahrungen Im Cyber-Space
Track 10 - Planet Der Kranken
Track 11 - Eingeborene!
Track 12 - Fremde Schöne Landschaft
Track 13 - Der Böse
Track 14 - Ein Trauriger Fall
Track 15 - Space-Wind
Track 16 - In Einer Bar Auf Einem Anderen Stern
Track 17 - Durch Den Weltraum Nachhause
Track 18 - Auf Wiedersehen, Captain Future

Captain Future was an animated series that was broadcast in Japan during the late 1970's. It was soon distributed to a number of different countries including Germany where the decision was made to create a new soundtrack from scratch. Christian Bruhn was charged with the task of creating the score and the results have reached cult status with animation and soundtrack fans along with DJ's.

The music is mixture of electro funk, space disco, jazz and Bruton-esque library grooves which certainly speaks of the time it was recorded but there are also a handful of funky nuggets scattered thoughout. For me the standouts were "Eingeborene!", "Ken". the danceable "Vor Dem Start" and the ahead of it's time techno beats on "Der Böse". The most well known piece on the record is indeed the title track but I'm not a huge fan of it ( incidently I believe it is Bruhn's wife providing the female vocals ). I'm not sure what you'll make of this, it has the potential to be a love it or hate it proposition. I hope you love it though.


SpaceD-Boogie said...

Excellent stuff, I really love this. Electro funk, space disco and jazz, you can't fail with such a combo in my book.

Alex aka Muzman said...

Vey interesting! Thanks.

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