Saturday, February 25, 2012


Track 1 - Intro Obsession '77 / Atomic Forest
Track 2 - De Repente / Quarteto Nova Era
Track 3 - Osman Pehlivan / Arif Sag
Track 4 - Astronauts A Mercurio / Sonora Casino
Track 5 - Walderez Waldereia / Flavio Kurt
Track 6 - Hor Gorme Garibi / Erkin Koray
Track 7 - Globo Do Morto / Novos Bahianos
Track 8 - Musica Mulata / Los Chikichaka
Track 9 - Murituri / Arnaud Rodriguez
Track 10 - Sueno Un Camino / Ovni
Track 11 - Esperanto / Suely E Os Kantikus
Track 12 - Everything Is Gonna Change / Jean Paul 'El Troglodita'
Track 13 - Gonese Don Cicegim / Ersen
Track 14 - Proyectos De Un Ladron Prisionero / La Barra De Chocolate
Track 15 - Obsession '77 / Atomic Forest

This collection brings together 15 pieces of rare and sometimes unusual psych funk / rock music. I know virtually nothing about the featured artists but there is certainly South American, Persian and Indian influences flowing throughout the record with fuzzy guitar and heavy percussion playing a prominant role. The biggest highlight for my mind is "Osman Pehlivan" which contains some great breakbeats and comes off sounding like hip hop style belly dancing music. Atomic Forest is the only group I had heard of previously and "Obsession '77" is a real stomper with an excellent drum solo mid song. Other tracks are a little slower to reveal their charms but there are many interested elements at play.


Anonymous said...

arif sag, erkin koray, ersen are from turkey

Joe said...

Can't wait to have a good sit down with this LP.Your blog is still the number one source for rare groove/library/soundtrack music.peace!

Ricardo said...

Caramba, tem até novos baianos *-*