Sunday, February 26, 2012



Track 1 - Black Tank
Track 2 - The Luck Of Teela Brown
Track 3 - Purple Pill People
Track 4 - The Living Eye
Track 5 - Apartment 23
Track 6 - Wild Driver
Track 7 - Mercury Wall
Track 8 - Electric Tiger Snake
Track 9 - The Robbery
Track 10 - White Russian
Track 11 - Astralkörper

This is a fairly enjoyable set of rock infused spy funk by the Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E who hail from Winterthur, Switzerland. The main components of the music are guitar, frenetic drumming, hammond organ and nice deep bass, it's a full on mix which is best consumed in small doses. Stylistically the album could have benefited from a little more variation but they seem to have found their niche and are sticking to it steadfastly. Highlights include "The Luck Of Teela Brown", the short and sharp "Apartment 23" and "Mercury" which has a strong U.K feel to it. This is their third album so if you like what you hear then be sure to check their other releases.



Anonymous said...

This update was awesome, love, love, love it! I have been enjoying the latest updates with more urgency as you battle the hosting providers. Stay vigilant, we appreciate it!

TS Bray said...

The Ed Tech boys from Korea International School grooved on this bit of sweetness for the entire week -- thanks!