Wednesday, February 15, 2012




Track 1 - Listen
Track 2 - My Mate Paul
Track 3 - Let's Get Killed
Track 4 - Gritty Shaker
Track 5 - Head Rush On Lafayette
Track 6 - Rodney Yates
Track 7 - Radio 7
Track 8 - The Parcus & Madder Show
Track 9 - Slashers Revenge
Track 10 - Freaknik
Track 11 - Caddell Returns
Track 12 - Don't Die Just Yet
Track 13 - For You

David Holmes is best known for his soundtrack work, in particular Out Of Sight, Oceans Eleven and the subsequent sequels. This record from 1997 sees him developing his trademark sound while incorporating spoken word excerpts from drug dealers, prostitutes and other curious souls inhabiting the New York underground. It's a bizarre mix but one that is ably handled by Holmes and further strengthened by interpretations of the James Bond theme music and "Don't Die Just Yet" by Serge Gainsbourg. A couple of these tracks ended up on the Oceans Eleven score in altered forms, namely "Gritty Shaker" and "Rodney Yates" ( which sadly doesn't appear on the OST ).

This is a super album that should have something to please everyone. The Mediafire link I have posted is at a fairly low bitrate so I've included a Rapidshare link as well but you'll need to download both parts. Either way, go check it out!


iZen said...

One of my personal favorites.


Veda said...

David Holmes!!!
Great music lovin this , much appreciated funky man

Anonymous said...

Supa kool

the mishap collective said...

looks interesting. What's the password, tho?

Mr. Craig said...

I know there isn't one on the Mediafire file, I'll just go check the RS links.

Mr. Craig said...

The site where I found the Rapidshare links doesn't have any password listed sorry.