Saturday, February 18, 2012


Track 1 - Tifo E Allegria
Track 2 - Le Sconfitte Brucianti
Track 3 - Il Pubblico
Track 4 - Voglia Di Gioco
Track 5 - Calcio Al Ralenti
Track 6 - Calcio Come Contestazione
Track 7 - Calcio Come Violenza
Track 8 - Una Partita Agitata
Track 9 - La Rimonta
Track 10 - Magia Del Calcio
Track 11 - Le Sconfitte Brucianti
Track 12 - Contropiede
Track 13 - Pressing
Track 14 - Sgambetto

I've been meaning to check this one out and I wasn't disappointed! There are a few tracks that didn't quite hit the mark with me but there's so much variety and skill on show it more than makes up for any missteps. Highlights include the dark and spacey "Le Sconfitte Brucianti", the monster breakbeat groover "La Rimonta", the all percussion "Pressing" along with two tracks that have found their way on to compilations before "Contropiede" and "Sgambetto". There is also a nice vein of crime jazz running through the middle of the album which certainly provides for excellent listening.

"La Palla E' Rotonodo" ranks alongside another Ducros creation "America Giovone" as under appreciated gems of Italian library music. Credit goes to the Groove Department for the original upload.


configuratao said...

still big big thanks for all that
i dig all around your blog
since... the jimi christ' post
and if i don't say it just now but when! This one brilliant socc abstraction, the suzanne ciani, can't count the marvels discovered here, the adverts, cartoons, librarys, your compls
this place is a real pleasure
all that great inspiration
'would try being more specific next
cheers mr craig

CBlack said...

The sample track sold me! Thanks for this and all the other terrific shares you post.

Anonymous said...

Terrific song there!

Thanks for sharing this and for your terrific blog. I think that it might be one of the top 10 blogs around.