Thursday, February 9, 2012



Track 1 - Remebering The Future
Track 2 - Hell's Angels
Track 3 - Electronic Sounds
Track 4 - Western Time
Track 5 - Peace And Love
Track 6 - Sideral Clock
Track 7 - Sand Rose
Track 8 - Indian Love Melody
Track 9 - Metallic Blues
Track 10 - Superpositions
Track 11 - Morning Song
Track 12 - Chain Link

This is a lovely collection of melodic pop tunes from Georges Rodi that features plenty of drum machines, synths and moog. The highlights for my mind are the fun muzak stylings of "Sand Rose" along with "Superpositions" which sounds like an insane computer's interpretation of a Piero Umiliani track. Roger Roger and Jean-Jacques Perrey enthusiasts should enjoy this one most of all. Thanks to the original uploader.

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