Friday, February 24, 2012


Friend of Funky Frolic and member of September 70 pixel_face sent me an email today regarding a mix he has just finished and posted on MixCloud. The music is a heady blend of funk, soul, rare groove and a little library music in the form of "Swamp Fever" by John Cameron and Alan Parker. It's well worth a listen ( download through the above link ) but if you are keen on hearing a more library heavy mix then might I suggest checking out the excellent "Propheties d'un Avenir Incertain" which features the likes of Piero Umiliani, Ennio Morricone, Lesiman, Remigio Ducros and Egisto Macchi.

For all this and much more I strongly recommend you take a look at September 70's MixCloud page which can be found right here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Craig !

Much appreciated.

I, like yourself, love to keep the spirit of library grooves alive. I will send you a little treat for your thoughtfulness. Have a great weekend !


Man is a pupil, pain is his teacher !!! said...

hi man its possible to get the songnames of song number 31;45 & 32;00 im searching these for long long time would be nice thx !!!

Mr. Craig said...

A full track listing can be found here -