Tuesday, February 28, 2012



Track 1 - Scene & Heard
Track 2 - Just Love
Track 3 - Vespucci
Track 4 - Reg
Track 5 - Tamariu
Track 6 - One-Eight-One
Track 7 - Fourth Dimension
Track 8 - Colour Radio
Track 9 - Take Another Look
Track 10 - Kaleidoscope
Track 11 - The Space Between
Track 12 - Flashback

So did anything funky come out of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop? Well, this 1973 compilation of Paddy Kingsland tracks probably fits the bill. It's not funky in the truest sense but it has a pop / easy sensibility that puts it in contrast with music produced by the likes of Derbyshire and Vorhaus. Mostly this is a collection of moogy, synthy pieces that are relaxed and lighthearted, the best moments come when the electronic instruments are paired with guitar and drums such as on "Take Another Look", "One-Eight-One" and the great Italian themed "Vespucci". It's a pleasant album to listen to even if it doesn't break much new ground. See what you think.

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verge said...

that Vespucci joint is so illl, thanks! Gonna peep the rest asap and keep an eye out for this one.