Sunday, February 12, 2012



Track 1 - The Opening
Track 2 - You
Track 3 - The Man With Dusty Fingers
Track 4 - Break In
Track 5 - Greeky
Track 6 - Hipsters
Track 7 - The Pawnshop
Track 8 - California
Track 9 - Jazz Club
Track 10 - Smok'n Swing
Track 11 - Oh Oui
Track 12 - Ghost Town
Track 13 - Lonesome
Track 14 - Hypnosis
Track 15 - Crystal
Track 16 - Endwise
Track 17 - Eldorado
Track 18 - The Final

I just stumbled on this and had to post it up. As the title suggests, "The Man With Dusty Fingers" is a collection of cinematic music which incorporates heavy doses of library music and rare groove a la the Dusty Fingers compilations, along with some very heavy beats. I won't lie, this record is hit and miss but the hits are good enough to make it more than worthwhile downloading. Tracks like "Break In", "Hypnosis", "Oh Oui" and "The Man With Dusty Fingers" all stand up to scrutiny, with the latter making good use of "Night Moves" by Frank McDonald. Go check it out...


RobJam said...

Link is dead. Re-up? Thanks

RobJam said...

Oh- never mind,m found it on BandCamp. Thanks!