Monday, February 20, 2012


Track 1 - Death Of The Fly
Track 2 - Vampire Feeding
Track 3 - Death By Harikiri
Track 4 - Sweeney Todd The Barber
Track 5 - Wind Through Crack In Door
Track 6 - Wind In The Trees
Track 7 - Synthesised Wind
Track 8 - Sea Monster
Track 9 - Sharpening The Knife
Track 10 - Falling Scream
Track 11 - Premature Burial
Track 12 - Wild Dogs
Track 13 - The Iron Maiden
Track 14 - Death In The Swamp
Track 15 - The Sewer Rats
Track 16 - The Poisoned Drink
Track 17 - The Rack
Track 18 - Midnight Strangler
Track 19 - Assorted Gun Shots
Track 20 - At The Dentist
Track 21 - Time Bomb
Track 22 - Death By Electrocution
Track 23 - Gouging Eyeballs
Track 24 - Russian Roulette
Track 25 - Death By Garrotting
Track 26 - Suicide By Gas

Here's an assortment of Halloween grade sound effects showcasing the twisted minds and technical skills of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. I'm not sure of the artists featured but I believe Delia Derbyshire and Richard Yeoman-Clark had a hand in some of these pieces. The titles pretty much give away what you can expect but it's actually quite listenable in a macabre sort of way. The vinyl this rip was taken from has obviously been through a bit but it's certainly still worth a download if only for the kitsch value. By the way, if anyone has a copy of "Out Of This World: Atmospheric Sound And Effects From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop" I would LOVE to hear it!


Mr. Primate said...

You can find a pristine rip on my blog:

You'll also find all three horror sfx lps and more like them to come.


DonHo57 said...

Mr. P- I visit your blog regularly, along with Frolic. We appreciate all you folks do to provide us these gems. Thanks, and cheers to all!

Carol said...

Thanks! These are so mellow compared to a lot of the horror sound effect records out there. I like them!

dom said...

Listen to the video of "Corsa Mortale" on youtube featuring purple Easy Tempo artwork & compare it with the version on this's clearly the same recording but for some reason the youtube video version sounds faster.

Holly said...

Thank you!