Friday, January 6, 2012


Track 1 - Melodic Group Shapes 1
Track 2 - Melodic Group Shapes 2
Track 3 - Three Single Sounds Taken In Cannon
Track 4 - Rhythmic Variation 1
Track 5 - Rhythmic Variation 2
Track 6 - Ascending And Descending Sequences Of Varying Nature

Description of music from the sleeve notes, thanks to Discogs ...

"Teachers seeking original material have found this new approach exciting and stimulating in their creative work for music, movement and drama. The Sound patterns are intended for children to enjoy and may lead them into movement of dance-like character, or involve them in imaginative situations. People who are interested in sound production may like to know that these sound patterns were created by Daphne Oram at her Electronic Studio in Kent. By using audio generators, many tape recorders, filters, ring modulators and other electronic devices she built up the tone colours, pitched each of the notes separately, gave them duration and dynamics and finally spliced the notes together to obtain the required rhythms and sequences."

Cool stuff, check it out. A similar record in terms of its potential educational use is "Listen Compute Rock Home" by Bruce Haack.


litlgrey said...

Never seen this before!

[(Sub)] said...

i don't know this LP !
thanks for info and share

Ian Van Groove said...

More Daphne than you can shake a stick at here. Well done indeed!


Thanks so much for posting this enchanting 7" beauty, the chances of me ever finding a hard copy are pretty slim I think! Hard to believe it's now 50 years old, eh? +NVMBRR