Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Track 1 - Post Cereal Monkees Record Promotion
Track 2 - Cocoa Pebbles
Track 3 - Froot Loops
Track 4 - Kellogg's OK's
Track 5 - Kellogg's Sugar Pops
Track 6 - Kellogg's Cocoa Krispies 
Track 7 - King Vitamin Cereal
Track 8 - Lucky Charms
Track 9 - Cheerios
Track 10 - Alpha-Bits Cereal
Track 11 - Cracker Jacks
Track 12 - Fruity Pebbles
Track 13 - Almond Joy And Mounds
Track 14 - Apple Jacks
Track 15 - Crispy Wheats 'N Raisins
Track 16 - Count Chocula
Track 17 - Cocoa Puffs
Track 18 - Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Track 19 - Cap'n Crunch
Track 20 - Frosted Flakes
Track 21 - Raisin Bran
Track 22 - Smurfberry Crunch
Track 23 - Cherrios
Track 24 - Strawberry Shortcake Cereal
Track 25 - Sugar Jets Indian Armband Promotion
Track 26 - Weetabix
Track 27 - Rocky Road Cereal
Track 28 - Kellogg's Sugar Smacks

I got a positive response to my last collection of breakfast cereal commercials ( get it here ) so I thought I would put together some more sugary delights for you. Sadly we have missed the opportunity to get our free "Best Of The Monkees" record or Indian Warrior Armband ( with secret symbols ) and many of these products are long gone but you can still relive the golden days of shameless propaganda and cartoon cross promotions right here. Most of these adverts are from the 1970's and 80's but I think a couple of more recent one's have snuck in as well. Enjoy!


Telek et Stilla said...


Carol said...

I loved the last cereal commercial post - so I'm def gonna get this one. Especially for the Kellog's OKs? WTF? This is just too hilarious. I can't wait to hear that commercial.

Fr@nKeIn$OuNd said...

Sorrry don't eat or earing Monsento food .
Sorry toooo for music..... :}
Prefer Européen Raw bio-breakfast***& more if!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh the memories! Great pick, great post. Thank you as usual!!