Sunday, February 26, 2012


Track 1 - Static Time
Track 2 - Nerve Centre
Track 3 - Deadly Enemy
Track 4 - Marshall Strength
Track 5 - Marshall Strength Link
Track 6 - Cold Sweat
Track 7 - Questions
Track 8 - Foreboding
Track 9 - Eve Of Conflict
Track 10 - Fragments Of Tension
Track 11 - Pendulum
Track 12 - Pendulum Link
Track 13 - Pendulum 2
Track 14 - Pendulum 3
Track 15 - Unseen Danger Link
Track 16 - Anxiety
Track 17 - Anxiety Link
Track 18 - Hook No.1
Track 19 - Hook No.2
Track 20 - Hook No.3
Track 21 - Hook No.4
Track 22 - Hook No.5
Track 23 - Hook No.6

Lots of dark angry orchestration on this one that places it firmly in the field of crime music. The majority of tracks are composed by Steve Gray and John Scott and are more suited to soundtracks rather than use in tv or radio. You will find plenty of wind and string instruments along with timpani giving the pieces an epic, Cecil B. DeMille type importance. The most library music sounding track would be the excellent "Pendulum" which I've used in a compilation before, it's little brother "Pendulum 3" is also well worth a listen. To be honest there are gems all over the place and this album is rightly considered to be one of the more desirable Brutons, both in terms of sample potential and purely as a listening experience. Many thanks to the original uploader

Please note - There are a couple of missing tracks on this rip. I couldn't find a Discogs entry to verify the correct listings but the above line up is close enough to being correct ( hopefully! ).


retronic said...

Hey Craig
Tk. 11. is a second track/ ending of Fragments of Tension (00.08). It may be at the end of your track 10??
Tk. 16 is the full Unseen Danger which I've got on this Prisoner Comp if you want it:

jhalal drut said...

dead link!!!

Anonymous said...

The link is dead, could you please re-upload it? Thank you.