Sunday, March 13, 2011


Disk 1 -
Disk 2 -

Disk 1

Track 1 - The Turf / Giuliano Sorgini
Track 2 - Accadde Ad Harlem / Arawak
Track 3 - Slap It / Paolo Casa
Track 4 - Nervoso / Astemix
Track 5 - Missoula / L.Bergonzi
Track 6 - Black California / Pino Canizzo
Track 7 - Black Congregation / Remigio Ducros
Track 8 - Vance / Hingross
Track 9 - Dialogando / Alessandro Alessandroni
Track 10 - Entusiasmante / Awake
Track 11 - Tigers / Paolo Casa
Track 12 - Vividezza / Rino de Filippi
Track 13 - Tube / Ninety
Track 14 - Sgambata / Remigio Ducros
Track 15 - Salgemma / P.Ferrara

Disk 2

Track 1 - Echoes From Canyon / Giuliano Sorgini
Track 2 - Contropiede / Remigio Ducros
Track 3 - Icarus / Daniela Casa
Track 4 - Solo Per Amore / Walter Rizzati
Track 5 - Beta Lady / Daniela Casa
Track 6 - Distortion / Blue Sharks
Track 7 - Curiosando / Walter Rizzati
Track 8 - Hippie / Pedro Gomez
Track 9 - Poseidon / Franco Tamponi
Track 10 - Scott Fizzy / Franco Potenza
Track 11 - Piacevole / Luigi Zito
Track 12 - Handy Goes To The Pub / Blue Sharks
Track 13 - Spirayls / Daniela Casa
Track 14 - Disadattati / Remigio Ducros
Track 15 - Notte Violenta / Fotriafa
Track 16 - Lo Canto / Giuliano Sorgini
Track 17 - Sad Blues / M.Bordoni
Track 18 - Rainy Day / Framan

The English have "The Sound Gallery" as their library music bible and for the Italian's it is "Suono Libero Vol.2". Remigio Ducros and Giuliano Sorgini form the backbone of this compilation with both of them being recognised for their brilliance in the library / rare groove genre. Other performances of note include the 8 minute jazz masterpiece "Tube" by the group Ninety, Arawak makes an appearance in the form of a flute groove called "Accadde Ad Harlem", there is the irresistibly funky "Distortion" by Blue Sharks and the slinky, spooky "Scott Fizzy" by Franco Potenza.

Over the course of 2 discs we are treated to a grab bag of different styles that ably represent everything that was good about Italian music in the 1970's. You might be wondering, "What About Volume 1?". Well, there was only 14 tracks on the first volume and compared to the comprehensive nature of this sequel it does come off as being a poor relative (despite being very good in it's own right). I will post Volume 1 tomorrow so you can judge for yourself.


Mike said...

Again, thank you. We don't deserve this.

Mr. Craig said...

Just downloaded a couple of corkers, will hopefully put them up this week.

Budd said...

I love this compilation! This (along with vol 1) are amongst my favourite VA library comps.Disk 2 is my prefered choice as it contains tracks like 'Echoes from the Canyon', 'Hippie' and the super cool 'Beta Lady' - Great stuff!!

Mr. Craig said...

Cheers Budd. I'm posting an album by Blue Sharks later in the week which might interest you.

Mike said...

I'd love to make a mix for you in appreciation for all that you've done. It would make me feel good to give something in return to somebody who is unselfish, unforceful and really appreciates good music.

Mr. Craig said...

Not sure if you mean a mix for me personally or if you'd like to have it posted. If you'd like it put up here then maybe you can write a review and I'd be happy to do the rest.

Mike said...

I mean a mix for you personally (I'm not thanking the downloaders but the uploader, i.e. you).

Mr. Craig said...

That would be nice. Thanks.

Mike said...

Cool. I'll finish it tonight and send tomorrow.