Saturday, March 26, 2011


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Track 1 - Heavy Water
Track 2 - Ice Beaker
Track 3 - Solid Satin
Track 4 - Punch Bowl
Track 5 - Frozen Stream
Track 6 - Black Light
Track 7 - Range Rover
Track 8 - Swamp Fever
Track 9 - Safari So Good
Track 10 - Survival
Track 11 - Afro Waltz
Track 12 - Sahara Sunrise
Track 13 - Rocking Rhino
Track 14 - Heat Haze
Track 15 - Afro Metropolis

Probably the most well known and well loved KPM of all time, "Afro Rock" has at least a dozen tracks that qualify as being classics in the library music field. Any collaboration between John Cameron and Alan Parker is a match made in heaven and you can sense the chemistry these two have in the studio, this is exemplified by the creativity that courses throughout each track. Despite the title there is hardly anything "rock" about this collection ( aside from the opener "Heavy Water" ) and the only relation it has to afro is in some of the percussion. In reality the record is more jazz and funk inspired but tracks like "Heat Haze" and "Swamp Fever" defy such labels and this is one of the reasons why they are so intriguing. I can't look past "Punch Bowl" in terms of funky brilliance, I must have played this song hundreds of times over the years and still love it just as much today. The version here is slightly longer than the one featured on "Sound Gallery Vol.1".

Simply put, you cannot have a collection of KPM's or library music in general without "Afro Rock" being a part of it. It's a truly magnificent album. Many of these songs can also be found on the wonderful "Setting The Scene: From The Vaults Of KPM" compilation.


broshing said...

Thanks a lot to help me discover so many musical gems! I'm ashamed that I didn't know about this one before, but now this mistake is fixed :)

Mike said...

Awesome! Hard to go wrong with KPM.

Mark said...

Hey mate!

I've got you the new Track 13 you were after:

Hope you like it!

Mark [Easy Listening World]

Mr. Craig said...

Many thanks Mark. Keep it easy!

Holly said...

Thank you very much Mr. Craig - & Mark!

Anonymous said...

what a great record, thanks so much
Mark, would you be so kind as to repost track 13?


Mark said...

Hi Mr. Craig,

Sorry I must have thought that you would merge the track in with your download, but never mind, here it is again and I will not delete it this time!

Cheers, Mark

PS. Have you had any luck with that Bruton BRG 7 - Spread Your Wings yet?

Mark said...

Sorry I forgot the link here it is:

Thanks for your help with the Bruton, but I think I'll just wait for it to turn up, if it does, and I'll do a bit of looking myself.

Cheers, Mark

Boggle said...

is it me, or is it gone? any chance you can bring it back? love your blog. thank you so much, really.