Saturday, March 19, 2011


Track 1 - Ladies Do Love Me
Track 2 - Belly Movin'
Track 3 - Buildin' My Life
Track 4 - Electrified Kite
Track 5 - Let It Beast
Track 6 - Lovely NYC
Track 7 - Anna's MC (Set Free From The Crawlspace)
Track 8 - Love You To Check It Out
Track 9 - Looking Down The Barrel Of A Warm Gun
Track 10 - A Day In The Life Of A Beastie Boy

This is an interesting concept - it's a mashup of classic songs by the Beatles incorporated into classic songs by the Beastie Boys. The results are mixed with some of the tracks sounding like they were meant to happen while others are a bit rough around the edges. It's certainly one that will appeal more to Beastie fans because their music plays the leading role while the Beatles are relegated to samples and rhythms. Definitely one worth checking out.


Budd said...

I agree with your description, there are some fun tunes here. I'm diggin 'Ladies Do Love Me' as well as 'Anna's MC' and my favourite being 'A Day in The Life of a Beastie'!! (The Beastie track is from one of my favourite album's of their's 'The In Sound from Way Out' - Cool!! It has a great 'home made' quality (using audacity perhaps?) (this is not a criticism of the artist as I could never do as gooda job!) I'm going to do a comp soon with my own favourite mixes - they are pretty basic but were terrific to make!! Cheers!

Mr. Craig said...

Yeah, it's a cool one. I've pretty much got everything they've ever released but only had the opportunity to see them live twice. Looking forward to your mix.