Friday, March 18, 2011


Track 1 - Johnny Be Bad / John Cameron
Track 2 - Heavy Traffic / John Cameron
Track 3 - The Competitors / John Cameron
Track 4 - Jay Walking / John Cameron
Track 5 - Go Getter / John Cameron
Track 6 - Sunny Speed / John Cameron
Track 7 - Sunny Laze / John Cameron
Track 8 - Current Caption / James Clarke
Track 9 - News And Views / Alan Moorhouse
Track 10 - News And Views (Long Link) / Alan Moorhouse
Track 11 - News And Views (Short Link) / Alan Moorhouse
Track 12 - Short Cut / James Clarke
Track 13 - Second Cut / James Clarke
Track 14 - Cine Mobile / James Clarke
Track 15 - Gentle Dissolve / James Clarke
Track 16 - Coming On Home / John Cameron
Track 17 - Funky Thing / Keith Mansfield
Track 18 - Go Away Day / Keith Mansfield

This wonderful KPM from 1973 deserves just as much attention as some of the more fancied releases in the 1000 series. The main styles featured include rock, funk and easy listening and within the 18 tracks there are classics such as "Second Cut", "Funky Thing" and "Sunny Speed". John Cameron's work is just sublime but the others aren't too far behind, especially James Clarke who showcases his unique skills with a number of simple but effective pieces. "Go Away Day" by Keith Mansfield finishes the set, a track which would be right at home on the soundtrack to "Curb Your Enthusiasm". You wont regret downloading this one!


Mike said...

Good to see other composers like John Cameron and James Clarke in there. I'll give it a whirl.

Ian Van Groove said...

No regrets, this one certainly cuts the mustard! A KPM classic wouldn't be overstating it, nice one!