Thursday, November 25, 2010


Track 1 - Oh Calcutta / The Dave Pell Singers
Track 2 - Black Rite / Mandingo
Track 3 - Punch Bowl / Alan Parker
Track 4 - The Night Rider / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 5 - The Riviera Allair / Neil Richardson
Track 6 - Jet Stream / John Gregory
Track 7 - Half Forgotten Daydreams / John Cameron
Track 8 - Jaguar / John Gregory
Track 9 - Life Of Leisure - Keith Mansfield
Track 10 - Girl In A Sportscar / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 11 - Young Scene / Keith Mansfield
Track 12 - It's All At The Co-op Now / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 13 - Funky Fever / Alan Morehouse and His Bond Street Brigade
Track 14 - Shout About Pepsi / Denny Wright and The Hustlers
Track 15 - The Headhunter / Mandingo
Track 16 - Blarney's Stoned / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 17 - The Earthmen / Paddy Kingsland
Track 18 - I Feel The Earth Move / John Keating
Track 19 - The Penthouse Suite  / Syd Dale
Track 20 - The Snake Pit / Mandingo
Track 21 - Boogie Juice / Brian Bennett
Track 22 - The Detectives / Alan Tew
Track 23 - Jesus Christ Superstar / Johnny Keating
Track 24 - Music To Drive By / Joe Loss Concertium

This is the album that kicked off the whole library music compilation scene in the mid 1990's and is rightly considered to be the bible of the genre. The liner notes say it is "a breathtaking musical exhibition of the finest quality recordings that will alternately excite and thrill, soothe and relax today's discerning music lover." Most of the tracks are from the KPM and Studio 2 libraries and were recorded between 1968 and 1974.  Many of the heavyweights of the period are featured here: Keith Mansfield, Syd Dale, Alan Hawkshaw, John Cameron etc.  Everything is super groovy and a lot of the tracks have a London in the swinging 60's vibe to them. "The Detectives" and "Punch Bowl" are more straight up funk with nice sharp drumming and the songs by Mandigo display some Afro touches. Parts of this CD have been used on the popular TV show "Top Gear" and in various commercials. I will post Volume 2 in the near future...


THXjay said...

This album, along with volume two, was one of the first to ignite my passion for the Easy/Library genre way back in the nineties. In my humble opinion they easily rank alongside Capitol's "Ultra-Lounge" and Virgin's "Hotel Easy" collections as the best of the best!

Shame they never did a volume three :(

Maybe I'll do my own one wouldn't be the first time ;)

darnall 42 said...

thanks :)

Brian said...

This is one primo album!

bark said...

THE classic library music collection. I really enjoyed this one (and the #2) back in the 90's.