Monday, March 28, 2011


Track 1 - Olivin / Peter Schirmann
Track 2 - Zigarilla / Lucas, Botho Singers, Sound Masters
Track 3 - Exposition K71 / Brass N Beatmachine, Hermann Gehlen
Track 4 - Miss Fenjala / Various
Track 5 - Sorry Doc / Hardy's Jet Band
Track 6 - BMW / Peter Schirmann
Track 7 - Wenn Der Teekessel Singt / Oliver Peters
Track 8 - Super Nowa Jingles / Various
Track 9 - London Look / Various
Track 10 - Wollsiegel Party / Orchester Udo Gerlach
Track 11 - Die Deutschen Bullen, Die Kraft Und Der Fortschritt / Various
Track 12 - Der Mann Mit Der Goldenen Hand / Horst Fischer
Track 13 - Edelkakao Cha Cha / Wolfgang Dauner
Track 14 - Frucade Hit / Hardy's Jet Band
Track 15 - Das Neue Haus, Hauptthema
Track 16 - Show Show Twist / Various
Track 17 - Opening / Johnny Teupen
Track 18 - Sabaphon TK125 / Wolfgang Dauner
Track 19 - Olivin 2 / Peter Schirmann
Track 20 - Go To Rallye / Harold Rosenstein
Track 21 - Widia Sound 70 / Various
Track 22 - The World's Over / Various
Track 23 - Happy Meeting / Various
Track 24 - Aral, Den Fortschritt Nutzen / Peter Thomas
Track 25 - Island Of My Dreams / Hartmut Kiesewetter
Track 26 - Lux International / Various
Track 27 - Jasmin / Peter Schirmann

The public response to "Popshopping Vol.1" was so overwhelming that Crippled Dick Hot Wax had no choice but to put out another collection and they produced the goods once again. Advertising music of the 60's and 70's already had a tendency to lean towards lounge/easy listening but when German composers went to task they didn't hold back! The sound is diverse with go go, psych rock, pop, jazz and funk complimenting the groovy lounge vibe. There is even a healthy dose of crime jazz on the track "Der Mann Mit Der Goldenen Hand".

Choosing highlights from such a wonderful CD is a purely subjective task but I am partial to "Go To Rallye" which is a high paced, super fun track that contains three distinct sections - all of them great. I like the work by Hardy's Jet Band, and Johnny Teupen shows class as usual on "Opening". "London Look" has a very familiar funk sound with the addition of some sexy female dialogue and Pete Thomas is at his kooky best on "Aral, Den Fortschritt Nutzen".

This release is probably a touch more solid than Volume 1, especially in regards to the flow of the music. Surprisingly it is much harder to find and seemingly less appreciated than the first one but it certainly falls into the category of being a must have. Enough talk, download it now!


Mike said...

You're just too cool man. Thanks!

I take it you're familiar with The Growing Bin by now. Lots of German jazz/funk and other eclectic treats.

Mr. Craig said...

Yep, I've had a good look at the Bin before. I'd like to add a few more sites such as that to my blogroll but I like to keep the list fairly short and sharp.

Budd said...

This is really cool! Thanks!!

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks Budd, thought you might like.

Brian said...

Wollsiegel Party has to be the best cut off this album!