Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Track 1 - Take Flight
Track 2 - Drops In The Wind
Track 3 - Leaving
Track 4 - Soft Melody
Track 5 - Desert
Track 6 - Bubbles
Track 7 - Transvesuvian
Track 8 - Creation
Track 9 - The End

Released in 1979, this stunning album has something for everybody. Whether it's disco, beats, ambient, easy listening, funk or prog you can find it all here. Vuolo and Grande work their magic from the get go with "Take Flight" being an over the top disco funk groover, "Drops In The Wind" is barely audible for the first 2 minutes before kicking into overdrive with it's wild keyboards. "Transvesuvian" is probably the best known track on the record and it contains all the qualities you might find in a Bruton release of the same vintage.

If you enjoy listening to a diverse ranges of moods and grooves then I would highly recommend giving this one a go. Let me know what you think! Thanks to ProgNotFrog for the original rip.


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, and MORE YES! Love this one, thanks a ton!

Mike said...

:( <---This is me before coming here...

:D <---...and this is me afterwards.

Mr. Craig said...

I thought you might like this one.