Saturday, March 19, 2011


Track 1 - Platano Split
Track 2 - Salute To Santa
Track 3 - Black Waders
Track 4 - Woluwe Strip
Track 5 - Cabaret
Track 6 - Paris Soul
Track 7 - Culzean
Track 8 - Castill Battle
Track 9 - Hang Out
Track 10 - Arte Pino Pasta

Lately I have been concentrating on Italian rare groove but I thought it was time to see what the French had to offer. Presented for your pleasure is this 1971 release from Ben & The Platano Group which is filled to the brim with lots of Latin percussion, choppy guitars, killer keyboard and soulful horns. There are subtle nods towards jazz and funk but the diversity of grooves doesn't allow for a clear description of the sound, all I can say is that it's very, very good!!!

A quick search of the internet reveals just how popular and highly regarded this record is with collectors of cool music, if you haven't had the opportunity to download it previously then get on board! P.S - It's got a great cover too, don't you think?


Budd said...

Excellent! I first heard of this group from the VA comp 'Sexopolis' (I think tracks 1 and 8 were on there) It's great to hear the rest of the album!

Mike said...

I can't find the appropriate words to express the awesome. There's supreme joy to be had every day.

I'll have to make room on the new mix for some French goodies.

Anonymous said...

thank you!