Thursday, March 24, 2011


Track 1 - Crazy Eel
Track 2 - Shut Paranoia
Track 3 - Hand Shake
Track 4 - Raging Beat
Track 5 - Flute Fight
Track 6 - Wait For Me
Track 7 - Obsessing Promenade
Track 8 - Skin Deep
Track 9 - Snobbery
Track 10 - God Is Infinite
Track 11 - Cold Fever
Track 12 - The Eastern Question

Track 10 proclaims that "God Is Infinite" but so are the grooves on this rare and highly desirable library gem from Italy. The key elements on this record are the thoroughly enjoyable percussion ( lots of juicy breakbeats! ) and the liberal use of flute. There is also some fine piano/organ work included on tracks such as "Cold Fever", "Raging Beat" and "Wait For Me". A certain psychedelic tinge flows through some of the pieces while at other times a cheeky sense of humour adds interest to the proceedings.

The least impressive track would be the repetitive opener "Crazy Eel" while the best in my opinion is the insanely groovy "Obsessing Promenade" which comes off sounding like a freaked out version of the classic song "Spinning Wheel". Overall it is an album which demands the listener's attention and is at once imaginative, inventive and most importantly, funky!


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Mr. Craig said...

That was my reaction too.

Holly said...

Thank you!

Budd said...

This looks great! I keep getting 'error reading files' for this and your more recent posts. I will keep trying! Great stuff!!

Budd said...

Groovy tunes!

Mr. Craig said...

Does this mean you were successful in reading the files? Mediafire has just changed their site around (to my annoyance)and I have been a little concerned about the newer posts. As unfortunate as it is that you were having problems it's probably a good sign for me that no one else has commented about the same problem (yet).

Budd said...

Got your message Craig - I replied on my BB straight away, it couldn't have sent :( Your links are running great now! Cheers!!