Friday, March 18, 2011


Track 1 - The Drifters For Coca-Cola
Track 2 - Alleee 1
Track 3 - Oktoberfest Souvenir
Track 4 - Coco Puffs
Track 5 - KPM: Library Product Efficiency
Track 6 - Children’s Vocal For Bestline
Track 7 - RCA Selectavision
Track 8 - The Wonderful World of Music
Track 9 - America In Motion
Track 10 - Revlon’s Charlie
Track 11 - KPM Library: Mini Motoring
Track 12 - KFC Famous Bowls
Track 13 - Spic And Span
Track 14 - The Free Life
Track 15 - Freddy, Freddy
Track 16 - Puritan Meats
Track 17 - Disco Holiday
Track 18 - The More You Sell
Track 19 - Vincent Price For Hangman
Track 20 - Easter Afternoon
Track 21 - George Carlin On Voting
Track 22 - What’s To Eat?
Track 23 - Account Execs
Track 24 - Le Poisson et l’Oisseau
Track 25 - Woolworth Records
Track 26 - What Kind Of Fool Am I?
Track 27 - Another Brick In The Wall
Track 28 - Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum
Track 29 - Alleee 2

Want more advertising music and jingles? I hope so because I just picked up this gem of a podcast from Mondo Diablo which has a cool collection of retro and modern adverts as well as some related esoterica. A few library music tracks are featured (mainly from KPM) such as the great "Mini Motoring" and "Product Efficiency". Also there is a comedy bit by Patton Oswalt who rips on KFC and their customers to good effect and a few more interesting bits and pieces along the way. Hope you enjoy.

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Anonymous said...


I myself would be much obliged to YOU if
YOU could add more vintage Radio-Jingles/Ads/
Promos to YOUR site. Since March last year I've
searched every available means - to no avail.
What I can't understand is that Radio-Jingles/Station-IDs/Talks/Ads/Promos are so
R A R E and hard to find ! Take care and THANKS !