Thursday, March 10, 2011


Track 1 - Biofonyobi Wo Atale
Track 2 - Hijacking
Track 3 - We're Laughing
Track 4 - Extraordinary Woman
Track 5 - Gbe Keke Wotaoc
Track 6 - Gbomei Adesai
Track 7 - Homowo
Track 8 - Okponmoni Tsitsi Emole

This is an interesting EP from The Psychedelic Aliens which combines Afro Beat with funk grooves that are reminiscent of those you might have found in the southern states of the U.S during the mid 1960's. It's a curious mix that takes the Afro genre in a different direction than most people will be used too but the important thing is that it works. Tracks like "Gbe Keke Wotaoc" and "Gbomei Adesai" are more straightforward Nigerian style funk with it's frenetic drumming and wicked organ lines. It's a fun record and the tracks are nice and tight, usually clocking in around the 3 minute mark. Give it a listen!

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Funkyfil44 said...

oups ! thanks to DJ Frank GOSSNER aka VOODOO FUNK for discovering "les pepites AFRO FUNK"! The "stakanovist" of AFRO FUNK !
So much pleasure for me to see one of his famous DJ set in NANTES (FRANCE) on November 2010 !
please post his famous "LAGOS DISCO INFERNO" compilation !...