Friday, March 4, 2011


Track 1 - Distortion To Static
Track 2 - What They Do
Track 3 - Proceed II
Track 4 - Concerto Of The Desperado
Track 5 - Adrenaline!
Track 6 - Clones
Track 7 - The Lesson Pt.1
Track 8 - Section
Track 9 - The Lesson Pt.2
Track 10 - U.N.I.Verse at War
Track 11 - Respond/React
Track 12 - Sweetback
Track 13 - Represent
Track 14 - Proceed Without A Pause
Track 15 - Distortion To Static (At Ease Remix)

Without a doubt one my favourite musicians in the world today, Questlove ( or ?uestlove as he is sometimes known ) is the drummer for hip-hop/soul band The Roots. This album is a collection of instrumental cuts performed by Questlove with the band and also other artists he has collaborated with over the years. The tracks flow between jazz, funk, soul and hip-hop with the common thread being Quest's heavy, raw drumming style. There is only one track I'm not keen on so I will happily give this record 14 out of 15 Frolics.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this and all of your posts! Excellent stuff!

Anonymous said...

Yes excellent stuff - but most of these tracks seem to be sampled breaks rather than live drumming?

shame really that such a lauded drummer often doesn't drum much on record?