Saturday, March 5, 2011


Track 1 - Wahoo, Wahoo, Wahoo / Wayne Carter
Track 2 - You Ain't My Brother / Soul Shakers
Track 3 - Cool It / Guy Morris & Band
Track 4 - I Weep / B.B Brown
Track 5 - Muy Sabrosa (Very Tasty) / Lou Garno Trio
Track 6 - Look What You've Done To Me Pts 1+2 / Sheila Skipworth
Track 7 - What It Is Pts 1+2 / Randolph Bros.
Track 8 - Soul Popcorn Pts 1+2 / Doc Oliver
Track 9 - No No No Momento / Rick & The Entire World
Track 10 - Soul Safari / Lew Hanson & The Islanders
Track 11 - The Hiccup / Robert Parker
Track 12 - Funky In The Hole / The Blowflys
Track 13 - Do (Whatever Turns You On) Pts 1+2 / Prepositions
Track 14 - Todos / Nombres

There has been a plethora of funk compilations released over the last 20 years but "Movements Vol.1" manages to find some unique treats to thrill even the most jaded crate digger. Some of the tracks invoke James Brown while others have a bit of a Miami funk vibe going on. "Muy Sabrosa", "Soul Popcorn" and "Todos" display South American influences but it is "Funky In The Hole" that stands out from the pack, a truly amazing funk bomb! It's no surprise that this album has spawned 2 sequels because the track selection and variety of sounds on offer will leave you begging for more.

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