Saturday, March 5, 2011


Track 1 - If It Feels Good Do It / Phil Flowers
Track 2 - There's A Wrinkle In Our Time / 1984
Track 3 - Don't Chain My Soul / Carlton Basco
Track 4 - My Mind Set Me Free Pt.1 / House Guests
Track 5 - Now Is The Time / Sisters Love
Track 6 - Southern Fried Chicken Pts 1+2 / Bill Thomas & The Fendells
Track 7 - Warm Daddy's Choice / River Front Band
Track 8 - Misery Is Gone Pts 1+2 / Blues Palmer With The Jimmy Cole Trio
Track 9 - Got To Get Me Back To Louisiana Pts 1+2 / Elmer & Brenda Parker
Track 10 - Bring Out Yourself / Emperors Soul 69
Track 11 - Funky Nassau / Bahama Soul Stew
Track 12 - When Love Comes Home / Chef Ivey & His Fabulous Avengers
Track 13 - Mothers Child / Harmonica Paul
Track 14 - Thought Of You Today / Gene Boyd
Track 15 - The Arabian Funk / Ray Anthony

Now this is the business! These 15 stomping funk gems from back in the day were compiled by Tobias Kirmayer and the selection is top notch. Many of the tracks possess that raw quality which is highly sought after by collectors, good examples of this being "Misery Is Gone Pts.1+2" and "Funky Nassau". Each song has a little something that makes it stand out from the rest, whether it's a particular lyric, drum break or guitar lick and the obscurity of the artists also adds to the listening pleasure. If I had one criticism it would be the lack of female performers with only Tracks 5 and 9 featuring the fairer sex. Apart from that, I can't find too much wrong with this solid compilation.


Machiventa said...

I just heard that 1984 track on Pandora and it blew me away! Googled it and here I am. Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

the musicians and Tobias himself are probably not that happy about sharing the compilation for free. everyone must earn money for making a living, so do all of those people who are involved in this album. you do not do something good when offering the entire album for free.

Mr. Craig said...

Low quality digital copies are never meant to replace buying the album itself. You are entitled to your opinion but I question whether many people if any have downloaded this compilation that had initially planned on buying it.

It should also be noted that the link is dead anyway.

Budd said...

Hi Craig
Is there any chance of reupping just one track if possible? Track 13 'Motherless Child' by Harmonica Paul? I have tried to leave comments on two other posts but dont know if you received them? (they werent published) It was just to say thanks for the cool tunes!!

Mr. Craig said...

Really sorry Budd, I didn't get either of those messages : (

Here's the link for "Motherless Child". Enjoy.

Budd said...

Thanks Craig!
You have satisfied my curiousity. I thought this version had been remixed but to my ears it hasnt. The drums seem cleaner (thats cool)
Thanks again!