Thursday, March 31, 2011


Track 1 - Grand Funk
Track 2 - The Unknown
Track 3 - Getting It
Track 4 - Disco Fever
Track 5 - Ergon
Track 6 - In Motion
Track 7 - Proud Industries
Track 8 - Nuplex
Track 9 - Holy Mackerel!
Track 10 - Aim High
Track 11 - It's A Crazy World
Track 12 - Thug
Track 13 - Name Of The Game
Track 14 - Chain Reaction
Track 15 - Tricycle

The Legends Of Library journey continues today with Brian Bennett OBE put under the spotlight. Like many of his fellow composers Bennett was not only an excellent arranger but also an accomplished musician having played drums in The Velvets, Marty Wilde's Wildcats, The Krew Kats and most notably The Shadows. Of course it is wrong of me to speak of him in the past tense because even to this day he continues to produce award winning scores, mostly for television. His collaborations with Alan Hawkshaw bore much fruit with library records such as "Music Machine", "Drama Montage" and "Synthesis" filled with highlights. All 3 of these will be posted at Funky Frolic in the not too distant future.

The tracks featured on this compilation come from the above releases along with several other Brutons and compilation albums, in particular the excellent "Aim High: Brian Bennet At KPM 1973-1976". The music is mostly in the realm of funk and jazz but "The Unknown", "Ergon", "Holy Mackerel!" and the famous "Chain Reaction" are explorations into crime jazz and electronics. I hope that you enjoy this compilation and I encourage you to leave a comment or a suggestion as to who you would like showcased in the future. You can find more of the Legends Of Library series here and visit Brian's official website here.

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the saucer people said...

What a great cross-section of Brian Bennett material and a perfect introduction for those new to the universe of BB...a fine selection from a fine selector!

Of course if I were to do a Brian Bennett compilation it would be totally biased and probably consist of all the tracks from the Voyage/Fantasia album as I do prefer his more electronic/disco side but the great thing is these two albums can be got from FF as well! (I am pretty sure thats the case - I hope I am not getting my library blogs confused!)

the Legends Of Library series is such a great idea...JP Decerf and Klaus Netzle (Claude Larson etc etc) would be interesting subjects for the future!