Tuesday, March 8, 2011


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Track 1 - City Limits
Track 2 - Round The Town
Track 3 - Morning Trip
Track 4 - Wheel Man
Track 5 - Shadow Hit
Track 6 - Hit Link 1
Track 7 - Hit Link 2
Track 8 - Hit Link 3
Track 9 - Hit Link 4
Track 10 - Hit Link 5
Track 11 - Early Rise
Track 12 - Night Raid
Track 13 - Metropolis
Track 14 - Underground
Track 15 - Heist
Track 16 - Border Exchange
Track 17 - Danger District
Track 18 - Running Hot
Track 19 - Watching Brief

This is another super album from the De Wolfe label with Keith Papworth being given the opportunity to flex his considerable musical muscle. The tracks swing between crime jazz and easy listening with a liberal use of cinematic strings, jazz drumming and some of the deep bass that I associate with Keith ("Wheel Man" being the best example). There's a typically eclectic mix of moods and styles on show which is fairly common for a De Wolfe record and it keeps the listener on their toes. Overall it's some top grade library music. Please note - Track 15 has some glitches.


Your Pal Doug said...

Thanks for the cool De Wolfe!!!

Américo said...

This one is High Standard! I love this De Wolfe. All the tracks are so pleasant... Makes me remind something like a 70's humour sitcom =)