Friday, March 11, 2011


Track 1 - Pinball Playboy Theme
Track 2 - Little Girls And Ladies
Track 3 - Comin' To Getcha
Track 4 - Olympiad '84
Track 5 - Reach Out For Love
Track 6 - Funky Get It
Track 7 - State Street Samba

Now, this is a fascinating disco groove release on the Motown label performed by an anonymous group called "Cook County". From what I understand it was created as a promotion for the 1979 rollout of the Playboy pinball machine. The producer was Vic Caeser who led an interesting life, he resided at the Playboy mansion for 10 years, was a piano player in Marilyn Monroe's stage act, allegedly took drugs with Robert Kennedy and Sammy Davis Jr. and also wrote the theme song to Richard Nixon's 1968 presidential campaign (despite being a democrat).

The title track is a reworking of the "Playboy Theme" by Cy Coleman with additional pinball sound effects included. "Olympiad '84" seems to be an attempt to create a theme song for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics (why?). Whatever the reason for it's inclusion here it proves to be a real treat, as is "Comin' To Getcha" which has a decent slab of funk groove complimenting the disco vocals. My personal favourite is "State Street Samba" which I'm embarrassed to say caused me to dance around the house earlier today. It's a glorious 7 minute long mix of disco, samba rhythms and rare groove cool.

If you are curious about the model used for the front cover it is the Playboy Playmate for February 1979, Lee Ann Michelle.


Armpit Studios said...

Now that's a neat find. Can't wait to listen to it. We need more songs about naked-chick-themed pinball machines written by guys who wrote theme songs for Nixon. There aren't nearly enough of those. :)

Mr. Craig said...

The whole concept of this is just odd isn't it?

steve hurley said...

awesome, thanks so much

Carol said...

I know this link is dead - but I saw it on the side bar and just had to tell you how hilarious I think it is. I have it in a "super groovy" playlist (that is mostly library music and pornobeat music from your site) and EVERY time one of the songs from it come on I know immediately what it is. It sounds like music from a super chick-flick-heavy love scene from a soft core porn you'd see on HBO in the middle of the night in the 80s. Sooo bad it's really really good.

Thanks again for everything!