Thursday, March 10, 2011


Track 1 - The Fire Dance
Track 2 - Mother Of The Future
Track 3 - Mayflower
Track 4 - The Iron Side
Track 5 - The Heated Point
Track 6 - The Soaring Seagull
Track 7 - Farewell, Onoda
Track 8 - The African Dawn

When you put 8 Japanese keyboard players in the same room you're pretty much assured of a good time and that's the case with this funky little collection. There is a good mix of exotica, funk and easy listening with the standout track being the super groovy "The Iron Side". This album may have been improved with a slightly heavier bass sound but the drumming and guitar work makes amends for the most part. The keyboards are the hero ofcourse, I'm not sure you ever hear all 8 of them going at once but there are some nice solos on show.


Mike said...

This was posted on a nother blog some time ago. I believe it was here:

Still, a great album.

Mr. Craig said...

Yeah, it's been posted at a couple of blogs. No harm in giving it some more exposure.

Armpit Studios said...

Nothing wrong with things being multi-posted. How many people really know about *every* music sharing blog out there?

Anonymous said...

thanks funky frolic you are superr :) best blog

Budd said...

Too right!! I'm a huge fan of Norman Connors/Carlos Garnett's 'Mother of the Future' (both versions) and this cover is brilliant! Their interpretation of 'Ironside' is equally cool - many thanks!! Speaking of Ironside, Have you heard the tremendously groovy track 'Even When you Cry'.

It's a vocal track (written by Quincy Jones)and featured in two episodes, sung by two different vocalists! One episode was called 'Something for Nothing'. I have a Jackie Wilson cover version, but the original is a lot better! If you have it (or know where to get it) please let me know!!

Mr. Craig said...

I had an initial look around without any luck but I'm sure something will come up.

Mike said...

Armpit, I never said anything was wrong with it being reposted. I was just passing the info along. As has been said many times before, Mr. Craig's blog is among the best around. In fact, I'm one of the few people who post here regularly instead of just leeching without so much as a thanks. The only thing worse than that is whn you give people music and then they turn against you for no good reason.

Mr. Craig said...

It's okay Mike, we are all friends here. I hope my comment wasn't viewed as been abrupt and I'm sure Armpit would say the same thing. Sometimes when you just have words infront of you it is hard to judge the exact tone of what is being communicated, and that's when misunderstandings can occur. The last thing I would ever want is to upset someone, especially someone who has given me so much support. I hope there is no hard feelings.

Mike said...

Oh, I have absolutely nothing against you nor Armpit. I just want to better articulate myself so that there's no miscommunication. Keep up the superb work.

Budd said...

Hi Mike, I have just read this thread - I hope I didn't upset you either. It's bloggers such as yourself that have kept my blog going; with positive feedback and continual support. All the best, Budd

the saucer people said...

Huge thanks for posting the Electro Keyboard Orchestra...utterly demented (and I mean that in the best possible sense!)...a kind of missing conceptual link between the Japanese psych-funk-oddball groups of the early 70s such as Far East Family Band and Cosmos Factory and the later Tomita and YMO synth-led sounds...not that I am an expert on Japanese seventies music or anything but thats what it sounds like to me!

As for rip duplications, I welcome them as there have been so many blogs that have disappeared or the links are dead which means thousands of already posted albums have fallen down the memory hole...likewise I think we are coming to the stage when the original 128-192 rips of the mid-2000s can be comfortably replaced by higher quality versions....

.....I post tracks on a couple of cosmic disco orientated blogs and if its not a rip of mine I just do a search for it and if the rip is still posted I either reference the original ripper/blog or if its a rare post ask them if they dont mind me reposting...if the link is dead or the blog defunct, I still reference it where possible and of course if I cannot find it then there is a good chance the link/blog has long disappeared....takes 30 seconds to check if a particular rip has been posted and I kinda think we owe it to the original poster where possible to acknowledge them!

PS> this is not a criticism of anyone! I love this blog and the library blogging world and all its citizens!

Mr. Craig said...

Some fair points there. Though, it is hard to identify the original source sometimes when downloading from these file sharing sites that are around the place.

I totally agree with the point about re-upping because plenty of my posted albums can be found at other blogs but they are either dead or slowly dying. That was one of the main reasons I started Frolic, to make sure the good work of others didn't disappear and to also add my own touches. For me, I couldn't care less if someone reposts my stuff - good luck to them. But I can understand when people are putting up very rare/obscure stuff that they feel a sense of ownership over the rip.

I think all bloggers should keep in the front of their mind that we are not running businesses here, it is all about sharing our passion for good music.

Thanks for another thought provoking message Saucer.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments above, It's a pity other bloggers don't

"Flap, I didn't mean that you stole anything. I meant that I've heard some of your tracks (stolen) in other bloggers' comps" (Library Music Rarities March 05 2010)

Nice one Mike!