Monday, March 14, 2011


Track 1 - Shake No.5 / Romano Rizzati
Track 2 - Per L'eternita / Brasilian Boys
Track 3 - Wondering Man / Giuliano Sorgini
Track 4 - Eclisse Lunare / Antonio Riccardo Luciani
Track 5 - Barrio Bueno / The Cabildos
Track 6 - Mongo / Blue Sharks
Track 7 - First / Ugo Fusco
Track 8 - Central Park / M.J.Q
Track 9 - Bossa Astratta / Luigi Zito
Track 10 - Rally / Gino Marinacci
Track 11 - Iron Piano / Mario Molino & His Group
Track 12 - Joybells / Yellow Sharks
Track 13 - Liberto Beat / Antonio Riccardo Luciani
Track 14 - Vento Di Terra / Marco Persichetti

While less appreciated (and harder to find) than it's sequel, "Suono Libero Vol.1" still has plenty to offer with a strong batch of lounge groove. South American influences float through some of the tracks, examples of this being "Bossa Astratta" and "Per L'eternita" while elsewhere there is plenty of breakbeats, keyboard solos and groovy flute playing.

"Joybells" by Yellow Sharks happens to sound almost identical to "Theme For Aretha" by the Barigozzi Group so I'm not sure what is going on there but it's a great song none the less. Some of the more esoteric tracks prove to be the most enjoyable in my opinion, "Rally" reminds me of the guitar stylings of Southern Culture On The Skids and "Vento Di Terra" sounds like it's from the very, very late 70's.

I posted "Under Pompelmo" by Giuliano Sorgini a couple of days ago so you could see the origin of the cover art for "Souno Libero".


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