Thursday, March 3, 2011


Track 1 - Country Feeling
Track 2 - Black Not Coloured
Track 3 - Ride On
Track 4 - Hendrix Momento
Track 5 - Weekend Downtown
Track 6 - Sunday In Central Park
Track 7 - On The West Road
Track 8 - Village Blues
Track 9 - Black Congregation
Track 10 - The New Phylosophie
Track 11 - Campus Sit In
Track 12 - Rock H
Track 13 - Lonesome Voice
Track 14 - The State Of Harlem

There are some very tasty nuggets contained within this American themed record by Remigio Ducros. At the top of the list is the excellent "Black Congregation" which should be familiar to most library music junkies, "Ride On" provides a simple but satisfying groove and "The New Phylosophie" is pure rare groove with some nice keyboard and flute augmentation. Other tracks such as "Campus Sit In" and "Hendrix Momento" go down the psychedelic rock route. There is a bit too much harmonica used mid-album but overall it's a quality release with lots of personality. Please note - this download is a tiny 15mb but the sound quality is actually quite reasonable.

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Cunty McFlapsikins said...

diggin thru your e-crates is enjoyable man, thanks for all these rare gems