Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Track 1 - Take To The Sky
Track 2 - Take To The Sky Link
Track 3 - The Universe
Track 4 - The Universe Link
Track 5 - Antarctica
Track 6 - Antarctica Link
Track 7 - Great Dimension
Track 8 - Great Dimension Link
Track 9 - Threat Of The Unknown
Track 10 - Threat Of The Unknown Link
Track 11 - In The Beginning
Track 12 - In The Beginning Link
Track 13 - Plague
Track 14 - Plague Link
Track 15 - House On The Hill
Track 16 - Premonition
Track 17 - Premonition Link
Track 18 - Nightshade
Track 19 - Dead Of The Night
Track 20 - Dead Of The Night Link
Track 21 - Deadly Nightshade
Track 22 - Deadly Nightshade Link
Track 23 - Turmoil
Track 24 - Turmoil Link
Track 25 - Assault
Track 26 - Assault Link
Track 27 - Shock
Track 28 - Failure
Track 29 - Valiant Hero

Richard Hill is the mastermind behind this Bruton which takes advantage of a full orchestra to create an expansive, tense and intriguing musical score. I use the word 'score' because this is about as cinematic as library music can get and belies the reputation that Bruton sometimes has for being lightweight. I had no trouble listening to this from start to finish however I might suggest removing the links in order to get the most of the collection. It may not be funky but it's a hell of a experience.


Mike said...

Actually, it's a good thing that not everything is built around funk music. Library music was always about showcasing a wide array of music styles (so as to attract a broad range of licensing, e.g. film and television). Bruton, while maybe not as prominent in the market as KPM, was still one of the best library catalogs and very consistant in quality.

Mr. Craig said...

I have to admit I'm a sucker for the covers, it's a bit like collecting trading cards and Bruton's tend to have that X factor which KPM's sometimes don't possess. Records like this and "Thriller", "Auturbine" etc. really prove that the Brits knew how to make great library music. Some people are much more enamoured with the French artists but just look at how much of the KPM and Bruton library has actually fulfilled it's purpose and made a significant impact on t.v in particular.

Anonymous said...

another lp from library hunt...

Mr. Craig said...

I got it from a file sharing site so I wasn't aware of the source.