Sunday, March 20, 2011


Track 1 - Shacking Pop
Track 2 - Electric Days
Track 3 - Essai Pop Art
Track 4 - Funky Village
Track 5 - Gipsy Funk
Track 6 - Chorus For Leslie
Track 7 - Scratching Machine
Track 8 - Sacha Pacha
Track 9 - Atchika Boum
Track 10 - Blows And Rhythm
Track 11 - Blue Baby
Track 12 - Centre Atomique
Track 13 - African Dream
Track 14 - Cascades Et Canoes
Track 15 - Cross Rolls
Track 16 - Blow Down

Volume 1 of the Janko Nilovic retrospective collection has a distinctly different vibe to Volume 2, there is more of a rock influence to many of these tracks and they seem to be even more succinct and attention grabbing. There are still plenty of similarities between the two compilations though, chiefly being the use of funk and jazz elements as well as the French penchant for wordless female vocals. The percussion deserves a special mention, while not overt it is still good enough to stand out amongst all the great instrumentation going on. For those not familiar with the work of Nilovic I think you will find this record to be a revelation of cool grooves and brilliant composing. Thanks to the original uploader.

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Tasty Grooves said...

Thanks. Nilovic is the man.