Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Those pesky glitches seem to be out of the system for now and my visitor numbers are back to normal so I can return to the task at hand - spreading the funkiness. Thanks to everyone who cheered me up yesterday, it was a big help.

I should have mentioned in my last message that the next volume of my Legends Of Library series is being released in 2 days and I hope it meets with your approval. I have also compiled a mix of Sesame Street music which I will probably post next week. As for my future uploads...I'm not sure yet, you'll just have to wait and see! I am going to re-up "Miss Piggy's Aerobique Exercise Album" in the near future because the link is dead and I have just added the instrumental tracks to "Man In Space With Sounds" for those who requested them. Hope you enjoy.

Unless anything else crops up I will speak to you all again on April 17 for my 5 Month Anniversary Update Spectacular. Cheers.


Tex said...

Dropping out of whisper mode just to join the rest of the regulars in saying thank you for this FANTASTIC site!

After Katrina ate most of my Jack Diamond-acquired library music, it's places like Funky Frolic that have helped me plug the holes in the collection--and then some.

This has become the one music site I check on a daily basis, and I thank you once again for the extremely tasty musical offerings being served here.

Mr. Craig -- YOU DA MAN!!!

(resuming station in whisper mode above the site, with high-sensitivity mics and 100:1 zoom activated)

Mr. Craig said...

Well thank you very much for you kind comments Tex. I do have some very loyal supporters in the U.S, someone from New York has visited 600 odd times! I have been saving up some high quality records for the future so the hopefully you will find more goodies to sure-up your library.

Don't stay in whisper mode forever, the more love I get for particular posts the better I can judge what to put up in the coming months.

Cheers and beers.

Mr. Craig said...

I should just throw out a message to anyone who reads these comments that retronic from Retro-Teque has called it a day, in part due to the lack of comments/support he was receiving from visitors. This should be a sign that we should all do our best to interact and engage with the owners of cool blogs because the last thing we want is for them to become disillusioned.

If you have been to Retro-Trque before and enjoyed the site then please take the time to visit again and leave a comment of gratitude. Thanks.