Saturday, March 12, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Dunwich Horror (Main Title)
Track 2 - Sacrifice Of The Virgin
Track 3 - Black Mass
Track 4 - Sensual Hallucinations
Track 5 - Strange Sleep
Track 6 - Cult Party
Track 7 - Necronomicon
Track 8 - Reincarnation
Track 9 - Devil Cult
Track 10 - Dunwich Theme
Track 11 - Devil's Witchcraft

It might be considered a B movie but the Les Baxter soundtrack to this 1970 horror flick is definitely A+. The whole concept of an exotica / easy listening legend creating music for such a film should spike the attention of soundtrack lovers. Most of the tracks are a variation on the Main Theme, with plenty of horns, off kilter piano and spooky theremin complimenting the usual instrumentation you would expect from Baxter. Some of the music actually comes off sounding a bit like the Virgin Suicides OST by Air (or is that vice versa?). For me the key highlight is the very last track which is a pulsating drum heavy delight. If you'd like some more info about the film you can visit the wiki entry here.


ymo1965 said...

Fantastic OST and even better in 320kbps. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thank you from Peterborouh, Uk :)

Mike said...

As a general rule, Italian horror film and spaghetti Western soundtracks are usually brilliant. Check out the score to 'The Man From Deep River' if you get the chance.

Mr. Craig said...

I've only got about 40 or so soundtracks in my collection. I'm working on it though...would like to get a few by Umiliani.

Mike said...

I'll have a look into my own collection and see what's there. In the interim, you should check out:

I've seen some of Italian library/soundtracks floating around in these blogs.

DonHo57 said...

Thanks for posting this great Les Baxter ST. is a much better quality than the older copy I have. I enjoy all your posts...much appreciation for you hard work!

Mr. Craig said...

My pleasure. Thanks for your support.

I-FE said...

Wonderful stuff, thanks.

Rob Crocker said...

Please make this available again somehow. I've been looking for this soundtrack for years.