Friday, March 4, 2011


Track 1 - The Long Wait / Hawaii 5-O Soundtrack
Track 2 - You Can't Turn Me Away / Sylvia Striplin
Track 3 - The Smile / David Axelrod
Track 4 - Rain Dance / Jeff Lorber
Track 5 - Morning / Cal Tjader
Track 6 - Summer In The City / Quincy Jones
Track 7 - Garden Of Peace / Lonnie Liston Smith
Track 8 - I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over / David Porter
Track 9 - Mask / Shelly Mann
Track 10 - Get Out Of My Life Woman / Joe Williams
Track 11 - In The Mood / Tyrone Davis
Track 12 - Drums Of Death / Bonus Beat

"Strictly Breaks" is one of a number of collections which delve into funk, soul and rare groove to unearth DJ friendly grooves and beats. This first volume has some familiar performers such as Quincy Jones, David Axelrod and Lonnie Liston Smith along with a group of lesser known artists.

While I don't know how many breaks are contained on the record, it certainly has a nice selection of rare grooviness. "Morning", "You Can't Turn Me Away" and the swinging "Get Out Of My Life Woman" are all standouts. As is the way with these sort of records, some of the songs have been truncated to only include the most funky sections. Please note - the final track is absent from this rip.


Mike said...

What can I say? Your blog always delivers pure, unadulterated quality.

Mr. Craig said...

I'll try to put a few more of these up in the future. Cheers for the comment as always, I wish everyone took the time to show some love.

tomcrashkick said...

I just want to let you know that Funky Frolic has been one of the best things I have had a chance to stumble on in 2011. You must be able to read the secret wish portion of my brain.

Mr. Craig said...

Well, I can't always promise to read your mind but if you like my posts so far then the future will be just as good (I'm also a fortune teller you know!). Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting a password dialogue on this file. I don't see any FAQ listing passwords used here; do you know what unlocks this particular file?

Mr. Craig said...

I'm not sure why that is happening because Mediafire does not allow password protected files and I uploaded this myself so I can assure you there is no password needed.