Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Track 1 - Metropolis Now
Track 2 - Vegas Venue
Track 3 - Texas Turnaround
Track 4 - Turnpike Crazy
Track 5 - Commuter Chaos
Track 6 - Lonely Canyons Of Steel
Track 7 - City Slicker
Track 8 - Greyhound Runaround
Track 9 - Aunt Sally's Revival
Track 10 - Times Square
Track 11 - Pacific Coast Highway
Track 12 - Down In The Village
Track 13 - Century City
Track 14 - Keep West For Paradise

Jazzy, funky and groovy - this 1980 release on the Amphonic label is a solid gold winner. Dick Walter is the brains behind this one, with label owner Syd Dale providing support. It's hard to pick out particular highlights because the quality is uniform but I really dig "Century City" and the smooth "Lonely Canyons Of Steel".

Here is an excerpt from an interview I found with Dick Walter - "There was one album I did for Amphonic that I was the musical director on, called Metropolis Now, which I really enjoyed doing and the band that played on it were superb. I think I still have the un-edited version of the album somewhere! I can’t remember what my original titles for the pieces were, but when the album was issued Syd re-titled them all."

It's a great interview for anyone who is into library music and if you would like to read it all, click on this link...


My previous Amphonic post "Special Assignment" has been downloaded 230+ times so I hope you enjoy this one just as much!


Mike said...

Jazzy? Funky? Groovy? I'm there.

Dani said...

Thank you, I love this album.