Friday, March 11, 2011


Track 1 - Fire Power
Track 2 - Midnight Mover
Track 3 - Whizz Kids
Track 4 - Lemon Popsicle
Track 5 - Fun Pack
Track 6 - Hells Angels
Track 7 - Magazine
Track 8 - Push On
Track 9 - Dance Centre 1
Track 10 - Dance Centre 2
Track 11 - Flashing Lights
Track 12 - Source Of Energy
Track 13 - New Era
Track 14 - Ultra Vision
Track 15 - Go Ahead
Track 16 - Data
Track 17 - Circuits
Track 18 - Communications
Track 19 - Qualitones
Track 20 - Winning Edge

This Bruton is in the same mould as "BRH 19 Hit Pack" with countless synth pop treats providing much fun and foot tapping. If you can cope with a great deal of cheese then you will be rewarded with a collection of tunes that sound like that were designed specifically for mid 80's tv themes and soundtracks ("Hells Angels" being a prime example). The first half of the record is by Brian Wade while the rest is composed by Barry Upton. Upton's tracks are a little more progressive and experimental ("Circuits", "Qualitones") but the use of synths and drum machines is still in full swing. Just remember, you can't spell funky without fun!


Mike said...

Can't go wrong with Bruton. It certainly has been an eventful week visiting here. Thanks again. :)

Mr. Craig said...

The week's not over 'til the fat lady sings, unless that fat lady happens to be singing Italian library music tunes from the 70's : )

I've been saving the best for this weekend... I'm sure you will enjoy.

Mike said...

I wonder what your next surprise is. Guess we'll see tomorrow.

the saucer people said...

This is the place to be at the moment in the blogosphere,it's falling Brutons like manna from library heaven!

As always a total mixed bag and though I found most of the Brian Wade tracks just a little too fromage for my tastes, there are three tracks from Barry Upton that make the download so worth while; Circuits, Ultra Vision and New Era. While it is pretty obvious that Circuits would never have existed without Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells, it still has a real charm while Ultra Vision and New Era sound like typical eighties tracks yet somehow refracted and distorted through some weird sonic funhouse mirror....excellent post!

And don't get my started on the sub-Ziggy cover art! So quintessentially eighties it is untrue!

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks Saucer, I left you a message on Tempus Fugit if you're looking. I agree with you about the Wade tracks, they are more cheddar than roquefort. Still, I couldn't stop listening.

Anonymous said...

Thank you man!!