Monday, April 11, 2011


Track 1 - Abracadabra
Track 2 -The Connexion
Track 3 - Yellow Dream
Track 4 - Proclamation
Track 5 - Hand Made
Track 6 - Puzzle
Track 7 - The Quiet Man

This psych funk / jazz record from 1973 has a line up including Curt Cress, Kristian Schultze and Wolfgang Shmid, with the composing and arranging done by Ace Saxeman and Klaus Doldinger. The inclusion of Doldinger got me excited because I recognised his name from "Popshopping Vol.1".

There are plenty of different musical elements at play, from prog fusion through to electronic experimentation that help to compliment the super funky sections. I found myself nodding my head in appreciation during tracks such as "Yellow Dream" and "Proclamation", "Hand Made" is more in the realm of esoteric jazz with a trance like groove that lasts almost ten minutes. "Puzzle" is my favourite track though, mainly due to the sample-worthy drumming and library music style simplicity of the composition.

"Hand Made" is a slight departure from the music I have posted at Funky Frolic in the past but I think it is more than worthy of inclusion. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. Thanks to the original uploader.


Mike said...

Sounds like another winner. Thanks again!

iZen said...

I just wanted to say that I've been enjoying this blog for some time now. Excellent posts.

Regarding the deviation from your usual posts...I was always intrigued by the covers of these Passport albums when I was young. They drew me in like the old Roger Dean covers did. When I picked up my first Passport record in a second hand shop a few years later it had a version of "Compared To What" that remains my favorite version to this day.

Synthetrix said...

Cool! Passport jams. Infinity Machine is a great album too.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic - Doldinger rules! Back in the, uhhh... NINETEEN seventies, I lived in a house in Santa Cruz, California, with my pals Steve & Phil, and Phil had one Passport record I grew to love. Eventually we had 3 or 4 more of them, the now-classic mid-70s Passport recordings. That was then. I'll have to dig thru my LPs to see if I still have any. Phil owned most of them and he sold his LPs years ago. Thanks so much for the digitization/post!