Saturday, April 16, 2011


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Track 1 - Theme From Mission Impossible / Lalo Schifrin
Track 2 - Theme From Department S / Edwin Astley
Track 3 - Theme From The Man From U.N.C.L.E / Hugo Montenegro
Track 4 - Theme From Return Of The Saint / Saint Orchestra
Track 5 - Theme From The Professionals / London Symphony Orchestra
Track 6 - Theme From Stingray / Barry Gray
Track 7 - Theme From Danger Man (High Wire) / Bob Leaper Orchestra
Track 8 - 007 / John Barry & His Orchestra
Track 9 - On The Way To San Mateo / Lalo Schifrin
Track 10 - Theme From Fireball XL5 / Barry Gray
Track 11 - Theme From Thunderbirds / Barry Gray Orchestra
Track 12 - Theme From Strange Report / Geoff Love & His Orchestra
Track 13 - Theme From The New Avengers / London Studio Orchestra
Track 14 - Theme From Captain Scarlet / Barry Gray Orchestra
Track 15 - Theme From Supercar / Barry Gray
Track 16 - Theme From Tiswas / Tom Bright
Track 17 - Theme From The Magic Roundabout / Alain Legrand
Track 18 - Theme From Tales Of The Unexpected / Ron Grainer
Track 19 - Aqua Marina / Barry Gray
Track 20 - Theme From Crown Court / Simon Haseley & Peter Reno
Track 21 - Theme From Hill Street Blues / Mike Post
Track 22 - Twin Peaks Theme / Angelo Badalamenti
Track 23 -  Blade Runner Blues / Vangelis

"This Is Cult Fiction Royale" is one of the finest collections of television themes ( and in particular spy jazz themes ) that you are ever likely to hear. Some of the biggest names in the biz are featured, with Barry Gray getting plenty of exposure with classics such as "Theme From Thunderbirds", "Theme From Captain Scarlet" and "Theme From Supercar" all featuring here. Perennial compilation inclusions such as "Theme From Mission Impossible", "Theme From The Man From U.N.C.L.E" and "007" are presented in all their glory along with funky numbers like "Theme From The Professionals" and "Theme From Danger Man". The final three tracks seem like they were added as an afterthought and, as good as they are, they don't fit the overall vibe of the record. All the same I can't recommend this collection highly enough, it's awesome. Disk 1 will be posted tomorrow.


Mike said...

More crime/spy jazz is never a bad thing.

Holly said...

Thanks for both discs - what fun!

Anonymous said...

any chance of a repost, its been deleted

Mr. Craig said...

I'm a bit busy currently. I'll try to do that for you next week.