Saturday, April 23, 2011


Disk 2 -

Disk 1

Track 1 - Jazz Rule / J.Hawksworth
Track 2 - Gloaming / L.Decosne
Track 3 - Funky Spider / B.Stoller
Track 4 - Silver Thrust / P.Reno
Track 5 - Swirl / A.Parker
Track 6 - Cool It / P.Reno
Track 7 - Overtone / N.Ingman
Track 8 - Response / S.Haseley
Track 9 - Forgotten Dream / R.Harvey
Track 10 - I'm Feather / B.Moore
Track 11 - Drum Time / A.Valotti
Track 12 - Harlem Globetrotters / P.Reno
Track 13 - Bright Spark / R.Wale
Track 14 - New Project / J.Reids
Track 15 - Trip Wire / N.Ingman

Disk 2

Track 1 - Megaton / P.Reno
Track 2 - Down Home / N.Ingman
Track 3 - Payroll / J.Trombey
Track 4 - Dindou N.1 / Ceccarelli
Track 5 - Hot Hells / B.Moore
Track 6 - Time Machine / P.Milray
Track 7 - Smooth & Cool / N.Ingman
Track 8 - See The Light / R.Harvey
Track 9 - Cool Character / B.Stoller
Track 10 - Party People / F.McDonald & C.Rae
Track 11 - Gang Process / A.Ceccarelli
Track 12 - Causeway / P.Kass
Track 13 - Hard Crust / P.Reno
Track 14 - Grey Sigh / R.Webb
Track 15 - Spiro / A.Valotti
Track 16 - Track Record / K.Papworth
Track 17 - Supercharger / P.Milray

This fantastic collection of De Wolfe music was put out on the Irma La Douce label and has a particularly Italian vibe despite the mainly British line up of composers. Funk and jazz play a strong part ( "Forgotten Dream", "Funky Spider", "See The Light", "Party People", "I'm Feather", "Bright Spark", Harlem Globetrotter" ) however there is plenty more to enjoy with compilation favourites "Down Home", "Trip Wire" and "Grey Sigh" featuring. The tracks are mainly uptempo, breakbeats and funky solos flow freely and there is a lot of fun to be had as well ( "Cool Character" being a prime example ). Despite, or maybe because, of it's differences it makes a great companion piece to "Bite Hard: The Music De Wolfe Sampler". It truly is a must have library music collection and one that I have long treasured.


Mike said...

Thanks again Mr. Craig.

Budd said...

This is without doubt the best VA library comp released! I bought the cd when it came out (must be over 10 years ago now). My partner at the time was a director/producer of corporate videos (I always think of Alan Partridge when I hear that word!). She used a couple of the tracks from this for a staff training video for a well known department store chain!
I've added some dialogue to Roger Webb's 'Grey Sigh', to give it a Blaxploitation edge! Hope you enjoy it!
You can hear my mix of the Odessa File Theme too!
Thanks again! (Grey Sigh) (Odessa File)

Mr. Craig said...

Cheers Budd. I can remember back to 1999 waiting patiently, checking the mailbox each day for this to turn up from the U.S. It was well worth it. However for pure listening pleasure I probably prefer Bite Hard to this one (just). Thanks for the remixes, I'm just about to download them now.

Budd said...

DGA mail order no doubt.I used to order cd's off them every week for years! They are still the best music website in the world; offering a great precis on each album and a very good search box to look for hidden gems!!

Anonymous said...

Yo! Great Page! Kool Stuff! Thanks! Greetings From Germany!

SiloDweller said...

hey, did anyone notice that the track 'Drum Time' by Anton Valotti is a drums only version of his composition 'Spiro' which can be found on the compilation Bite Hard?

Mr. Craig said...

No, I hadn't noticed that. Well spotted!