Friday, April 29, 2011


Track 1 - Desert Heat / Peter Hamilton
Track 2 - Diodo / Blue Phantom
Track 3 - Caravan / Puccio Roelens
Track 4 - Segura O Sambura / Nilton Castro
Track 5 - Obsessively / Peter Hamilton
Track 6 - Assonanza In Mi / Armando Sciascia
Track 7 - Mattino Di Fuoco / Dom Boga
Track 8 - Mas Que Nada / Bruno Battisti D'amario
Track 9 - Hua Rock / Billy & Friends
Track 10 - Le Grisbi / Cat Collins
Track 11 - Su Delicia / Bruno Battisti D'amario
Track 12 - Disperazione / Armando Sciascia
Track 13 - I'm A Man / Green Future
Track 14 - I Found My Love In Portofino / Billy & Friends
Track 15 - Desbocado / Bruno Battisti D'amario
Track 16 - Senza Archi / Puccio Roelens

From the liner notes -

"Around the mid-sixties orchestra director Armando Sciascia began his activity as a producer and editor by creating the Vendette record label, and together with a group of friends and musicians began to produce soundtrack material for films, documentaries and t.v shows. By the end of the sixties Vendette had begun to market their recordings, releasing records like the Phase 6 superstereo series, to which our compilation "Phase 6 Super Stereo" pays tribute. Vendette's productions were inspired by the diverse musical styles of those years, experimenting unusual and bizarre arrangements of classic songs like Fred Buscaglione's "I Found My Love In Portofino" covered by Billy & Friends and featuring electric sitar, and contaminating various genres and arrangements with original compositions of notable substance.

Another fundamental aspect of Sciascia's and his collaborators work is the great attention paid to the technical side of recording and mixing the track, experimenting with innovative studio techniques and sounds. Phase 6, for example, takes it's name from a complex system of stereo recording that involves phase and counter phasing. Sergio Sciascia, Armando's son recalls: "They were crazy, they'd take the studio to pieces trying to get the best acoustics when mixing a track, with a combination of professionalism and lust for experimental research". All this, and sounds to accompany erotic and psychedelic sequences with a turbine of dark and mysterious rhythms, together with a particular choice of covers, make Vendette's recordings easily recognizable."

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