Saturday, April 16, 2011


Track 1 - Electric To Me Turn
Track 2 - The Word
Track 3 - Cherubic Hymn
Track 4 - Program Me
Track 5 - War
Track 6 - National Anthem To The Moon
Track 7 - Chant Of The Unborn
Track 8 - Incantation
Track 9 - Angel Child
Track 10 - Word Game
Track 11 - Song Of The Death Machine
Track 12 - Super Nova
Track 13 - Requiem

Bruce Haack's "Electric Lucifer" is a bit like an electronic opera which describes the battle between good and evil. He used self made electronics, a moog and an early incarnation of the vocoder to create these acid tinged compositions that sound pretty far out even in comparison to other music released around 1969 / 1970. Some the the sounds he creates are truly groundbreaking and more importantly compelling, they also show that Haack was much more than a performer of children's music and was able to explore much deeper and darker themes.

If you are interested in finding out more about Bruce Haack's career I would suggest you hunt down "Haack: The King Of Techno" which is a super documentary about his life and work that was released back in 2004. Also, you can download his album "Listen Compute Rock Home" here.

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