Friday, April 15, 2011


Track 1 - Blues Cynetique / B.Kaufman & G.Jerome
Track 2 - Top Rally / Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour
Track 3 - Studio 96 / Richard Demaria
Track 4 - Crazy Flute Happy Guitar / Roger Davey
Track 5 - Exotica / Roger Webb
Track 6 - Perdition / Roger Roger
Track 7 - Underground Agent / Paul Kass
Track 8 -  Jazz Samba / Jay Berliner
Track 9 - Remember Billy / Richard Demaria
Track 10 - Electro Aggression / John Matthews
Track 11 - Race The Sun / Johnny Scott
Track 12 - The Whistler / Johnny Hawksworth
Track 13 - Bumblebees Dance / Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour
Track 14 - Electro Springs / Eric Peters
Track 15 - Robottom / James Asher
Track 16 - Velvet Clouds / Roger Roger
Track 17 - Minor Mind / Georges Teperino
Track 18 - Electro Twist / John Matthews
Track 19 - Syncope Mind / Roger Davey
Track 20 - Harp Beat / Johnny Hawksworth
Track 21 - Electrosonics 4 / Georges Teperino
Track 22 - Sound Industrial 15 / Roger Roger
Track 23 - Extase / Paul Bonneau
Track 24 - Jingles 1 / B.Kaufman
Track 25 - Let's Go / Will Edwards
Track 26 - Pendulum / Bernard Fevre

From the liner notes -

"And here we are again with a collection so joyous it makes you want to sing from the mountaintops and revel in the sheer effervescent luxury of so much superb music on one album. There's a sense of abandonment about the best library music, a feeling of invention and fun that's rarely found in other parts of the musical spectrum, where everebody gets hung up on perculiar notions of perfection. It's a world free from the cult of personality, rich in imagery where normal rules do not apply. Once again Mr. Vibert has worked his nuts off to bring you the rarest, most funky, weird and downright excellent tracks in existence. Once again they have been carefully chosen from the archives of Chappel, Southern, IM, Bruton, Peer and Parry and once again you can rest assured that you are listening to some of the most futuristic, farout and fantastic music ever made, 26 rare and unreleased tracks."

There are some absolute gems in this collection including the romping "Bumblebees Dance", the fuzz guitar pop of "Syncope Mind" and the beastly bass of "Jingles 1". It's every bit as good as the first volume and is a must have compilation of library oddities.


Xtabay said...

Thanks didn't have this. Check out this BBC audio documentary on library music

Tex said...

WOW1 This is a real "twofa"--a great album AND a great link! Thank you to Mr.C and Xtabay for the double blast!

The documentary brings to mind two things--
First--is there a book about Library Music out there? Something with checklists and, more importantly, interviews with the composers? (They're not getting any younger, yah?)

And second--is there anyway we can get a download of this FANTASTIC programme?

(now we need some industrious person to assemble a playlist of the music used in the programme)

Mr. Craig said...

There sure is a library music book. You can find the info here.

Unfortunately I don't own the book but it also came with a CD that I possess a rip of and I'll be posting that in the future.

Tex said...

I got the book (thanks for the tip, Mr.C!) But it didn't have the CD with it.

Any chance of that rip popping up any time soon?

(tis the season to listen to Library)

Mr. Craig said...

Gee, that sucks. I'm sure it's a cool book though. I will rustle up that rip and post it in the next few days.