Thursday, April 7, 2011


Track 1 - Ain't It Funky Now
Track 2 - Cantaloupe Woman
Track 3 - The Windjammer
Track 4 - Sookie Sookie
Track 5 - Ease Back
Track 6 - The Final Comedown

This outstanding selection of Grant Green tracks is easily one of my favourite albums of all time. Released back in the late 90's on the world famous Blue Note label, it contains some of the very best work from Green's illustrious career and most of the cuts will be instantly recognisable. It's worth getting this record for "Ain't It Funky Now" alone but everything else is awesome too, the production is also key with the instruments all at a perfect level to give maximum listening pleasure. The music bursts out of the speakers, takes hold of you and wont let go, even during the epic 11 minutes of "Sookie Sookie" there is no escaping the hypnotism of the groove. It truly is a must have album and a perfect companion piece to Jimmy McGriff's "Electric Funk".


Mike said...

Oh nice! This looks promising. Funk + jazz = I'm there.

BTW, I may've mentioned this before but my favorite post ever is The Rainbow Orchestra - Wonderland of Sound. It's downright superb.

Summo said...

This is an all time favourite!!!! Definitely brings back memories!!! Thanks for this post. Made my day.

Summo said...

This is way too cool!!! My Grade 8 class is doing a Test and I have this just grooving in the background (this is happening right this moment!). Totally wicked!!! Sorry, I'll stop going on about this post now. I just digg it is all.