Sunday, April 24, 2011


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Track 1 - Black Dynamite Theme
Track 2 - Cleaning Up The Streets
Track 3 - Man With The Heat (Superbad)
Track 4 - Shine
Track 5 - Jimmy's Dead
Track 6 - Shot Me In The Heart
Track 7 - Black They Back
Track 8 - Gloria (Zodiac Lovers)
Track 9 - Anaconda Malt Liquor
Track 10 - Jimmy's Apartment
Track 11 - Jimmy's Dead (Interlude)
Track 12 - Chicago Wind
Track 13 - Rafaelli Chase
Track 14 - Jimmy's Dead (Instrumental)
Track 15 - Dynomite
Track 16 - Tropicola
Track 17 - Theme From Dynamite

Finding a perfect meeting point between soul, funk and porn groove the soundtrack to "Black Dynamite" is filled to the brim with the kind of music that gives blaxploitation it's deserved reputation amongst collectors. Many of the tracks have a raw, headiness that not only speaks of the time it was produced but also preempts hip hop ( excellent examples being "Chicago Wind" and "Jimmy's Dead Interlude" ). There are a series of good vocal numbers with my top pick being "Shot Me In The Heart". This rip also contains two bonus tracks not found on the original Adrian Younge composed soundtrack, the always exceptional "Tropicola" by Nino Nardini and "Theme From Dynamite" which is credited to Younge but is instantly recognisable as "The Detectives" by Alan Tew. These two songs actually appear on another collection of music from the film which I will post at Funky Frolic in the future. I hope you enjoy.


Mike said...

Oh yeah. Black Dynamite was a fun movie. "My daddy's name is Black Dynamite!" "It's a ...fairly common name." Michael Jai White was also great in Undisputed 2. Undisputed 3 is an excellent movie as well. I do recommend.

DonHo57 said...

Nice way to start the day. "Black Dynamite" was a cool flick. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

As a fan of the 70's and bein' born in 1970, I love this 70's based cartoon which pays homage to Richard Roundtree, Jim Brown, Jim Kelly, Fred Williamson, Pam Grier, Tamara Dobson, Gloria Hendry, Teresa Graves, Vonetta McGee, Judy Pace, Robert Hooks, Ron O'Neal, Brenda Sykes,Thalmus Rasulala, Paul Winfield, Billy Dee Williams, and Raymond St. Jacques.

Anonymous said...

Hi any chance of reposting this?? Seems the mediafire link is gone. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for the re-up !!! ;-)
cheers Mr. Craig !!