Monday, April 18, 2011


Track 1 - Cabaret Dance / Kalyanji Anandji
Track 2 - Main Hoon Lilly / Various
Track 3 - Giraffe Trapping Music / Sapan Jagmohan
Track 4 - Na Na Na Yeh Kyakarne Lage Ho / Various
Track 5 - Incidental Music / Rahul Dev Burman
Track 6 - Pyar Chahiye Key Paisa / Various
Track 7 - Yeh Jawani Hai Meri Jaan / Mohammed Rafi & Asha Boshle
Track 8 - Theme Music / Kalyanji Anandji
Track 9 - Yeh Dhuaan / Various
Track 10 - Dance Music / Various
Track 11 - Sote Sote Aadhi Reat / Salma Agha
Track 12 - Title Music / Rahul Dev Burman
Track 13 - Kya Jane Yeh Duniya Kya Jan / Various

This compilation is one of a number that focus on the groovy music that came out the Bollywood system in the 1970's and it's among the best. The beginning of "Na Na Na Yeh Kyakarne Lage Ho" could almost qualify as afro funk with a nice heavy sound while "Pyar Chahiye Key Paisa" is spy jazz meets surf rock with an Indian twist. Some of the tracks are much as you would expect from your average Bollywood film of the time but others have a fascinating east meets west vibe encompassing rock, jazz and electronic influences. It's a real eye opener ( or ear opener if you will ) and certainly gets my stamp of approval. Check it out.

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