Friday, April 8, 2011



Track 1 - Gay Spirits / David Rose & His Orchestra
Track 2 - Lover / Richard Marino & His Orchestra
Track 3 - Moon Moods / Les Baxter & His Orchestra
Track 4 - Power House / Bobby Hammack Combo
Track 5 - Drivin' Around The Block / Dickie Harrell
Track 6 - Calcutta / Les Baxter
Track 7 - Holiday For Strings / The Voices Of Walter Schumann
Track 8 - You're The Top / Dean Elliott & His Big Band
Track 9 - Istanbul (Not Constantinople) / Joe Carr & 80 Drums Around The World
Track 10 - Stumbling / Tak Shindo
Track 11 - Sabre Dance / Les Baxter & His Orchestra
Track 12 - This Room Is My Castle Of Quiet / Billy May & His Orchestra
Track 13 - I Get A Kick Out Of You / Felix Slatkin
Track 14 - Satan Takes A Holiday / Jack Malmsten
Track 15 - Puttin' On The Ritz / Terry Snyder
Track 16 - Blues In The Night / Alvino Rey & His Orchestra
Track 17 - Saturday Night On Saturn / Les Baxter & His Orchestra
Track 18 - Lonesome Road / Dean Elliott & His Big Band

Here is another release in the excellent Ultra Lounge collection which is jam packed full of super easy and exotica delights. The inclusion of a number of Les Baxter tunes should be a good sign as to the quality of this record, elsewhere there is "Power House" which will be familiar to Bugs Bunny fans, particularly swinging versions of "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" and "Puttin' On The Ritz" are welcome additions and the other-worldly "Satan Takes A Holiday" is a simple but compelling piece of organ groove. This compilation comes off sounding a bit like a U.S version of "Music For T.V Dinners" except...spacier. The mix of well known music and oddities along with the quirkiness on offer is reason enough to grab a cocktail, fill up the pipe and have a foot tappingly good time.


Tex said...

Hot damn! I'd forgotten I'd had this one before Katrina. And now, thanks to the Frolic, I have it again.

Mr.C, I declare you the winner of April's "YOU DA MAN!" award.

(and yeah, you'll probably win it next month as well)

Mr. Craig said...

Well, it seems we have rather similar tastes Mr.T. If you have anything in particular that you would love to re-acquire then I'd be happy to take some requests and see what I can do, you being such a good supporter of my efforts and all.

Tasty Grooves said...

can you please re-up this one. link doesn't seem to work.

Mr. Craig said...

I checked that link for you Tasty, it does work so I'm not sure why you had a problem downloaded it. Sorry about that.